Senior Claw - (10 Individually packaged) Golf Ball Pick Up

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Senior Claw - (10) Retail-ready packages

Golf Ball Pickup Tool for Putter Grip

The NEW Senior Claw ball pick up tool is both durable and compact. The Senior Claw is actually the same tool as our Upright Claw but it doesn't have the magnet and ball marker in the base. The 3-finger design offers super easy ball removal from the tool. Like all of our 'claw-style' ball pick up tools the Senior Claw fits in the air release hole on the cap end of the putter grip.
The standard wholesale price is $5.00 ea. SGP's discounted wholesale price is $4.50 ea. or $45.00 for (10) individual tool in retail-ready packages. The MSRP ranges between $8.99 - $10.99 ea.

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