Joe's Original Backtee with 8 Birdbath Tees + a FREE Golf Claw

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Joe's Original Backtee w/ 8 Birdbath Tees + a FREE Golf Claw

Unique Golf Ball Teeing Device

Use an old club with a steel shaft; from the end of the grip measure down 35" +/- and cut the shaft w/ a hack saw or grinding wheel; clip the JOB onto the grip and observe where the JOB and grip come in contact with each other; remove the JOB and apply a small amount of LOCTITE Super Glue on the surface area of the JOB that comes in contact w/ the grip; clip the JOB back on and let the glue dry...and you have yourself a 'golf stick'!!! You will love it!!!!

NOTE: Our new 'Right-Height Golf Tees' work well with the 'Joe's Original Backtee' if you'd like your ball to be teed up at a consistent height!

When using the Joe´s Original Backtee just insert one of our Birdbath Tees (or any standard tee will work) into the ground, place the ball on the tee, and pick the tee up after hitting! The Backtee is simple to use and an excellent golf ball teeing device for golfers that want to eliminate bending and stooping when teeing their golf ball up! The Joe's Original Backtee includes (6) 3-1/2" long Birdbath Tees & (2) 2" Birdbath Tees - with their over-sized head for super-easy ball placement. If you have questions as to how to make you're own 'golf stick' contact Jim @ (319) 415-5035 for details!

Click on the YouTube video clip below to learn more about the Joe's Original Backtee