Senior Claw & (3) Free Birdbath Tees

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Senior Claw & (3) Free Birdbath Tees

Golf Ball Pickup Tool for Putter Grip
Senior Claw (w/ finger reinforcement for added strength and durability)

Special Offer: Get (3) Free Birdbath Tees!

The Senior Claw is a compact & extremely durable 3-finger golf ball pick up tool. It works great with any standard putter grip. Simply screw the Senior Claw into the small air release hole on the cap end of the putter grip.

The Senior Claw is the same claw-style pick up tool as our Upright Claw - but without the magnet and ball marker. Small enough to fit into a golf club sleeve and durable enough to be left on the putter grip at all times!

Upright Claw - Click on this YouTube video clip to learn more about the Upright Claw