Promo Claw - Bulk (25-pk) refill for Counter-top Display - Golf Ball Pickup Tool for Putter Grip

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Promo Claws w/o ball markers - Refill 25-pk Poly Bag

Golf Ball Pickup Tool for Putter Grip

The Promo (i.e. promotional) Claw ball pick up tool is a great product for golfers of any age. The Promo Claw is basically the same ball pickup tool as our Upright Claw but it doesn't include one of our 'Upright Golf' logo metal ball markers. The basic Promo Claw comes without a ball marker...this encourages customers to purchase one of the pro shop's or retail store's licensed or unlicensed ball markers to use with the Promo Claw! It has been designed to let golfers promote their favorite sport team, golf course, or organization by using any number of 1" diameter magnetically-friendly ball markers that are on the market! 

NOTE: Licensed ball markers CAN NOT legally be sold with the Promo Claw for one specific price! This would be a violation of the licensing agreement with the colleges, universities, or professional team franchises. However, retailers can DISPLAY the Promo Claws with the licensed ball markers as long as both items can be purchased independently of each other. Consequently, we have developed a special counter-top display that enables retailers to display (16) Promo Claws along with (16) licensed ball markers. As long as a customer can purchase a Promo Claw and/or a licensed ball markers on their own and at their respective individual price you will be in compliance with the licensing companies! If you are using an unlicensed customized ball marker with the Promo Claws you can use our standard 24-pc. counter-top display and sell the claw tools with the ball markers for a set price. We have attached pictures of both styles of counter-top displays. 

Each finger on the Promo Claw is reinforced for added strength and durability and it works great with or without a ball marker in the base. The standard wholesale price for an Promo Claw (w/o a ball marker) when purchased in a 25-pk refill poly bag is $4.40 ea. or $110.00 / 25-pk. SGP's on-line discounted wholesale price for the 25-pk is $3.90 ea. or $97.50 for the bulk poly bag of (25) Promo Claws. The MSRP for the Promo Claw w/o a ball marker ranges between $8.99 - $10.99 ea and with a ball marker the combined MSRP ranges from $11.99 - $14.99 ea.

Each Promo Claw 25-pk order includes (1) 25-pk of 3-finger Promo Claw ball pick up tools

  • This order DOES NOT include any ball markers (Non-licensed customized ball markers and/or licensed collegiate team ball markers are available. Contact Jim @ or at (319) 415-5035 if you have questions.)

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Promo & Upright Claw - great 3-finger golf ball pick up tools