Promo Claws (50) w/ YOUR 1" Customized Ball Marker -Golf Ball Pickup Tool for Putter Grip

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(50) Promo Claws w/ [Non-Licensed] 1" Ball Markers

Golf Ball Pickup Tool for Putter Grip

Our new Promo (i.e. Promotional) Claw ball pick up tool is not only a great golf ball pick up tool but it doubles as a great advertising specialty promotional product for your golf course, a business, sponsor, or organization! Like all of our claw-style pick up tools the Promo Claw screws into the small air release hole on the end of the putter grip. It works great with any standard putter grip. The Promo Claw Counter-top Display is an attractive display that will generate excellent retail sales. The Display can be used to display (24) Promo Claws at a time.

Each of the (50) Promo Claws will include one of your full-color customized 1" diameter metal ball markers! Simply provide with a high-resolution photo or logo design (of your golf course or club logo or business name) and we'll take it from there. Expect a turn-around time of 10-14 business days from the date you approve the final artwork / ball marker design. Contact Jim @ (319) 415-5035 for additional information or send him an email @ with your high-resolution logo or picture as an attachment.

Each order includes (1) counter-top display and (50) Promo Claws (each with one of your customized ball markers). SGP's on-line discounted wholesale price for the minimum order of (50) Promo Claws & (50) customized full-color 1" diameter ball markers is $6.00 ea. or $300.00 for the MOQ of (50). Additional pieces are available @ $6.00 ea. Based on our customer's feedback, the MSRP for individual Promo Claws w/ the customized ball marker ranges between $12.99 - $14.99 ea. Great product, great value, solid margins!

The Promo Claws (w/ their customized ball markers) are also available in individually-packaged retail packages. And, customers can also 'upgrade' to our 'Putting Pack' by adding (2) Marker Mags! Contact for more information about these options.

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