Golf Claw (Individually packaged) - (10) Retail Pks. - Unique Golf Ball Pickup Tool

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Golf Claw - (10) Retail-ready Individually Packaged

Unique Golf Ball Pickup Tool

The Golf Claw ball picker upper is durable and compact! Screws into the air release hole and works great with any standard putter grip. Our 4-fingered 'Golf Claw' has reinforced fingers for added durability! Standard wholesale price is $4.50 / pk. SGP's discounted wholesale price is $4.00 / pk. or $40.00 for (10) retail-ready packages. MSRP ranges between $7.99 - $9.99 / pk.

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This 'Golf Claw' is AMERICA'S #1 BALL PICK UP TOOL!

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Golf Claw - America's #1 Golf Ball Pick Up
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