Senior Claw 25-pk. - Bulk refill for the Counter-top Display - Golf Ball Pickup Tool for Putter Grip

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Senior Claw - Bulk (25-pk.) refill - Golf Ball Pickup Tool for Putter Grip

The Sini Claw ball pick up tool is a durable, compact, 3-finger claw-style ball pick up tool w/ reinforced fingers! Screws into the small air release hole on the end of the putter grip. Works great with any standard putter grip! The Senior Claw - bulk (25-pk.) refill allows retailers to refill their counter-top display w/o having to pay extra for a counter-top display.  The MSRP for individual Senior Claws when sold from a counter-top display ranges between $9.99 - $11.99 ea. Great customer value - solid margins!

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Senior & Upright Claws - great 3-finger golf ball pick up tools