Joe's Original Backtee - (10) Individually Packaged - Teeing Device

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Joe´s Original Backtee - (10) Retail-ready Pks.

Unique Golf Ball Teeing Device

Use the Joe´s Original Backtee to tee the ball up w/o bending or stooping - insert the tee into the ground, place the ball on the tee, and pick the tee up after hitting! The JOB is a simple and easy-to-use device that clips on/off of the grip on the club that the golfer is using to tee-off. or, better yet, the golfer can use an old club, cut it to a length of 36", glue the JOB onto the end of the grip, and create their own 'golf stick'. 

Each Joe's Original Backtee package includes (8) virtually unbreakable (3-1/2" & 2-1/2") Birdbath Tees with their over-sized heads. The wholesale price for the individually packaged Joe's Original Backtee is $10.00 ea.  The MSRP for the JOB ranges from $19.99 to $24.99 ea. The best teeing device in the world! Great customer value - solid margins!

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